Free PRX memberships for ex-NPR staff and others

Public radio has started to bear its share of the turbulent economic times, with recent layoffs and budget cuts at NPR and a number of stations.

Public radio never has much margin to begin with, so any cuts tend to hit hard, and talented people find themselves let loose at a tough moment.

PRX would like to offer any recently unemployed staff member from a public radio network or station a free one-year PRX producer membership with full privileges, as our small way of helping out.

With PRX 3.0, producer accounts now have unlimited audio storage and expanded professional profiles for networking and freelance opportunities.

So if you are one of the NPR, APM, or other network or station staff that was recently let go, we invite you to sign up for an individual producer account now, and then contact PRX (email membership) and we’ll upgrade it to a paid membership.

One thought on “Free PRX memberships for ex-NPR staff and others”

  1. Good idea. Maybe there’s a way of gathering the collective work — so much great stuff, don’t want to lose it in the back alleys of the PRX Bazaar!

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