PRX Surfs Third Coast

Da Bill Comes DueThere is dancing and there is listening. There is drinking and a LOT of talking.

Third Coast each year is an inspiration, a fresh breeze off the lake and PRX is always thrilled to be here. This year, ‘here’ is Evanston.

We caught up with about 300 of our closest producer friends and those who aspire to great audio things. We heard Brooke Gladstone on interviewing, Wiretap’s Jonathan Goldstein on personal performance fiction and storytelling, The Kitchen Sisters favorite things, the challenge of crafting stories from Germany and elsewhere, and moving, wildly aural pieces of audio ephemera. Even a group singalong to Sixteen Tons and With a Little Help from My Friends. 

Tonight, we get somewhat dressed up for the awards ceremony. There are tears and applause and moving words and sounds about the pinnacle of what radio can be.

Last night, PRX threw its annual Zeitfunk Party. None were arrested. But the lengthy bar tab was as dramatic as the inelegant, expressive, sweaty dancing. We’re talking passion, people!

Can’t wait til next year!

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John Barth

Chief Content Officer at PRX