PRX Bails Out Public Radio

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PRX released 250 billion radio pieces into the public radio system today. PRX executive director Jake Shapiro urged stations “not to horde the pieces but to air them.” He announced the Fundraising Soundbank is also offering free spots to stations to increase capital flows into the system. Shapiro also said that the impending launch of PRX 3.0 will “benefit mankind.”

E pluribus radioum,

Election Series

PRX has engaged stations to slice and dice election year issues from a variety of angles:

  • Rural Issues Series: Reporters at stations in Mo., Okla., Ill., Kan., Texas, N.M., and upstate N.Y. tackle issues away from the cities.

  • Rust Belt Issues Series: We tapped news people in Mich., Ohio, Wis., and Minn. to look at environmental, labor and manufacturing agendas.

  • Our Time: Teens and Politics: KUOW and Generation PRX reached out to teens to decipher how politics and this election look to them.

Creepy Halloweenies

La Llorona: An Evolving Myth
National Radio Project, 29:00
Hear the story of La Llorona (the weeping woman) — that’s been told since the time of the Spanish conquest, all over Mexico and the American Southwest.

Beware of Shortcuts!
Peter Bochan, 54:36
A classic Halloween mash-up.

Browse our Halloween Editors’ Picks.

Across the Border

The Mexican Army, Drug Cartels and US Aid
Lorne Matalon for The World, 7-part series
Matalon faces the dangerous and complex drug trade south of the border since a new US aid package was sent to stem the cartels’ influence.

Plan Ahead
* Get programming ideas for October with curated picks for news and music stations.
* Grab FREE raw audio from the presidential campaigns.

Other Good Stuff
* The Association of Independents in Radio and CPB are sponsoring the Public Radio Makers Quest 2.0, disbursing $400,000 in grants to about a dozen producers.
* PRX’s politics blogs: Campaign Audio and BallotVox.

Factory image by Paul Mayne. Candy corn image by Krystle Fleming. Mexican flag image by Kristin.

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One thought on “PRX Bails Out Public Radio”

  1. Hysterical John!!

    I’ve been hearing about it for a while and wondering when PRX 3.0 will be implemented. I am very tense, many nights I can’t sleep–although I am doing research on an insomnia piece. I understand the challenge of the situation but public radio connections are freezing up… now is not the time for ideological debates. I believe Andrew and his team are up to the plan.

    Good luck with the launch Treasury Secretary Shapiro & hairless cat. I trust that they can lead us into better future.

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