Top Secret: PRX 3.0

Hi friend of PRX,

After a year of work in our top-secret garage we’re almost ready to unveil the new version of We call it PRX 3.0.

I’d like to tell you it gets better mileage, has a 300 hp engine and comes in cherry red.

Original car photo by heavylift.

Instead, I’ll tell you the truth: PRX 3.0 has a new design, is more user-friendly, more intuitive and was built with the collaborative input of public radio pros just like you. We listened, we tweaked, and have been test driving this rocket up to the red line…and beyond.

  • Cleaner design. PRX is now streamlined so it is a lot easier to read and navigate. Search provides more information and it’s as fast as ever.
  • More relevant offerings. The more you use PRX, the more recommendations you’ll see that match your interests.
  • Integration with station automation. When you subscribe to a recurring series, you can choose to have each new program sent into your station automation system.
  • Find talent. You’ll be able to locate producers and others for hire by searching for their skills and proximity to your station.
  • One PRX account. Many options. Control all of your roles — producer, station member, listener, member of a network — all from one login and password. No more multiple accounts.
  • Playlists. Create an unlimited number of playlists: plan future programming, construct compilation programs, curate selections for holiday and event broadcasts. Best of all, you can share your lists with others.
  • Build a social network. Choose other public radio buds and producers who can see your activity, plus watch what they post and license on PRX through an activity feed.
  • Reports at a glance. How am I doing, you ask? PRX reports will be a lot easier to read on a dashboard with a new graphic display.
  • Unlimited audio storage. We’re not kidding. PRX has taken the lid off. You can store as much content as you want on PRX when you have a paid account.
  • Simpler ratings. Feedback is a high priority for stations and producers on PRX. Now, you can easily rate pieces and comment on all the selections. All designed to save you time.

When do we hand over the keys to PRX 3.0 so you can take it for a spin? Some time in November. Want to learn more, even see some screen shots? Come by the PRX booth at the PRPD Conference in Hollywood next week.


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John Barth

Chief Content Officer at PRX

3 thoughts on “Top Secret: PRX 3.0”

  1. Can’t wait! We have had so much success with (what I’m assuming is) 2.0 that 3.0 assuredly will only add to the PRX legacy. Please tell me it serves espresso drinks along with all the other fine features mentioned above…

  2. John ~ We are all very excited for the new PRX 3.0 roll-out; it promises to have great new features and easier usability! Thank you for everything you have done already for the likes of us newcomers, and all the other “old-hats”, in the radio/audio community!

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