Steve Schultze logs out

Steve Schultze, PRXtraordinaire, is heading off to grad school at MIT’s Comparative Media Studies program.

His last official day at work was Thursday, but of course we’re never really going to let him leave – there’s too much of Steve in PRX and PRX in Steve.

Steve joined PRX before we were PRX, back in August of 2002. We were in the early stages of planning “The Radio Exchange” and for a while it was just the two of us working on it full time, writing the business plan, the technical requirements, etc.

Steve has helped shape PRX from its earliest inklings to its greatest accomplishments. He wrangled with our Russian developers, stayed up nights writing little bits of code to stick the thing together.

At various points Steve has done our graphic design, sysadmin, help desk, project management, marketing, and tons of travel to conferences and stations around the country.

He got the encoder/uploader member tools built, sussing out audio codecs and working with various open source projects.

And throughout he痴 done it with relentless energy, optimism, creativity, a real thoughtfulness, and he痴 also made it fun.

Steve set a high bar for what we want PRX to be, and the kind of people we want to work with — an example we致e clearly followed with the amazing group we致e got working for PRX today.

So, thank you, Steve, for nearly four years of public service at the Public Radio Exchange, and best wishes for your next endeavors.

For our fond farewell part earlier this week we put together a Steve home page on PRX (see at the bottom of this post), and PRX Managing Director composed an “Ode to Steve”.

Ode to Steve

Steve痴 gettin� ready to leave 12 Arrow
Stunning really, after t知orrow
Sure is far from Jake痴 kitchen place
Before there were wrinkles on your face.

The Conference Room � did you take a look
Radio Shack is all it took
And Steve�bending, drilling hook by crook�

Until PRX was wired.

That痴 his story in that room
Steve takes ideas and smarts then�vroom

He looked much younger 4 years back
Curly hair and straighter back
Steve didn稚 coddle slower kids
Or older guys who壇 hit the skids

But Steve embraced the arcane stuff
Like Jacques Derrida, go look HIM up
Small talk is just so much fluff
If it doesn稚 matter, you turn him off

You might think by this that Steve痴 a nerd
But friend you致e chosen a mistaken word
Intense, creative, firm and true
Steve痴 a builder thru and thru

No midnight oil can burn as late
No one can more quickly wikis make
Or repair conference snags and broken crates
With the scritch from rolls of gray duct tape.

Don稚 get me started on Steve痴 lists
Frankly, those things can make me pissed
Details, subsets, indented links
Huh, he did find something we all had missed.

It痴 midnight in a bar somewhere
The Sox are playing, Steve痴 quite aware
He pulls the draft, eyes on the game
But I知 smelling smoke all the same.

A picture痴 forming in his head
Solutions, connections, the layout spread
Oh we値l get there, sure, eventually
But Steve痴 there and gone, naturally

We値l miss you Steve�you致e lead us well
Passed off the torches, nothing fell
Work hard; get that degree
But please: no more posts to our wiki!!!

By John Barth